Prayer Requests

A prayer chain is a way of sharing prayer requests with other spiritual people. By their nature, prayer chains are non-denominational. They are just a means of asking others to remember us, or the people who we care about, in their prayers. If you, or someone you know is going through a challenging time, submit a prayer request. 

When you pray for one of the requests below, be sure to click on the I prayed for you button so that we can let the requestor know how many times their request has been lifted up.
Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Healing and needslisa .103-30-2015
Urgently need healing in my body, for strength, for a car and for a home.
Please Pray Justice Prevails And Soon I Find A Better Home Near Francesco Romano103-28-2015
Please pray Justice Prevails from my landlady wrongful eviction for no reason because she is the owner of the unit I live in and she is abusing her power to evict me without just cause and please pray I receive back the money she coerced and manipulated me to pay $5,000.00 last year for a pest control company bedbugs heat treatment that I only paid my landlady to avoid eviction and now she is evicting me anyway and this has been very hurtful, unjust and mean and please pray I find a better home near public transportation to live soon in San Francisco, CA and spiritual healing and spiritual growth to forgive all hurt done by my landlady inflicted on me since I did nothing wrong and I have been punished the most.
healing for my husbands heart and a excellent medical test result as cancer free for my daughter,IN JESUS NAME I pray and believe in his word
strength for a familydebbie arnold503-23-2015
Brett only has few days to live he has cancer. Please pray for wife and teenage son and mom. Pray that tey will feel Gods embrace at this time.
Lost sonsAnonymous503-19-2015
Please pray for my two sons that are so very lost and need God in their lives. They have made terrible choices and cut off ties from their family. I have never known such heartache. I believe God can heal them from their addictions and turn their life around so they can glorify God with their actions.
healing Mom .2201-23-2015
i want to request prayer for my mom, she needs healing in her knees and in her body and needs strength please. i love her so much but she needs a good prayer boost.
healing Man ....1501-06-2015
pray for man with stage 3 prostate cancer , wisdom and direction for the doctors
good report boy .1912-17-2014
doctors are running several tests on this boy , standing on Gods word for a good report
Christian BusinessAnonymous2012-12-2014
Please pray for a Christian business for favor with customers, everyone is upset, pay debts, and finances to come in from north east south and west.
Healing Uncle Paul .2411-20-2014
has bladder cancer
Healing miracle Gary .2511-14-2014
for the cancer , healing and strength for him
Healing Man .4110-14-2014
cancer , deceisions and direction and wisdom for the doctors
strength couple .4010-10-2014
going through a bump in there marriage , strength to get through this