Prayer Requests

A prayer chain is a way of sharing prayer requests with other spiritual people. By their nature, prayer chains are non-denominational. They are just a means of asking others to remember us, or the people who we care about, in their prayers. If you, or someone you know is going through a challenging time, submit a prayer request. 

When you pray for one of the requests below, be sure to click on the I prayed for you button so that we can let the requestor know how many times their request has been lifted up.
Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
My young adult daughter Angie needs helpAnonymous001-28-2015
My name is Elizabeth Moss. Please forgive my Spanglish. I truly think that God has a way to do things. I have a young adult child named Angie of 22 years old. She is back home now after leaving home 6 months ago to live with an older boyfriend that she met after couple of weeks at the bar that she works. My husband and I never liked the idea of her working in a bar but she last year all of the sudden started doing things but seemed crazy to my husband and I. First she decided to get a loan in a bank to get augmentation surgery, then all of the sudden I knew that she already saw a surgeon doctor and already had a surgery appointment. Then she went to a school for 2 weeks to study bar tending and started working in a bar where all the real craziness started. She started coming late at first, then sometimes she was coming late home, so then when my husband and I tried to talk to her about her attitude and her life style, she decided to live one day while I was working. I came home and she was gone. I felt like I wanted to die and kill myself. My beautiful daughter that was dedicated at church when was a baby, and was coming to church and even taught children bible classes, now started drinking, working seven days a week, two jobs, day and night to support the police officer boyfriend of 30 years old. Meanwhile she stopped the Community College school. I prayed so hard and talked to all the pastors that I could talk, while inside I felt like an impending doom thinking the worse like maybe she is dead. I knew there was a gun at their place and I knew my daughter had a short temper. My daughter finally came to me last month after almost 6 months away from home and told me that she had money problems and that also broke up with the boyfriend. I told her that she could come home, help her pay the bills and of course pay it back, but I let her get away by accepting that she still could to go out whenever she wanted. Out of desperation I told her okay but it was getting out of hand again and everyday at night she would leave home at 10 pm and come back 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 am, next day. I was afraid to be strong with her and I finally had to and told her that it was important to respect her body and her parents coming home early and not going out every day. She is now so much better, she is taking online classes to be a veterinarian but the temptation in her is too much. She has all these bar friends always calling her to go there and and i can tell that she wants to do it. She was doing this for 6 six months while living with the police officer. He found her conveniently. Her body got used to. Now at home for a month, I am working with her and she is even trying to get a day time job. I am praying every day and all the time because I believe in the power of Jesus. I am human too and I have my days when I feel weak and tired because I am always thinking how to handle this situation. People tell me that I have no life and this problem is consuming me, but she is my daughter, I can\'t give up and I trust in the Lord, I have faith in Jesus name. My husband just watches and not say much. The thing is that my daughter is back with the old boyfriend who used to date for couple of years who verbal abuses her and she is still working at the bars. I am praying for her to find a day time job, that she continuous school, leave the boyfriend, not wanting to leave home every night and come back early next day (She got used to), learn to be humble, but most importantly come back to the Lord. I also need a prayer for financial help because when she came back I had to pay all her debts and I had to postpone my legs treatments and surgery. I need peace. Thank you and God bless you, your church, your family and ministry. JUST A MOM
salvation ron deeter001-28-2015
please pray the lord changes me and let me be a rightoues man, please pray I don,t get fired from my job .please pray for my sisters marion and bev and carole health problems ,my nephew mark health problems thank you every one ron
healingrayona canty001-27-2015
My daughter Crystal needs prayer for emotional healing, a job an an she would know Jesus loves her
praying for christ filled caring neighborsAnonymous101-25-2015
our back yard and our neighbors back yard floods when it rains,if our neighbor fills more dirt on his side, ourside will flood even more and the county says that you cannot do this, however they say nobody can tell them what to do, praying and believing "Lord fill our neighbors with your words,DO UNTO OTHERS AS,AND LOVE THY NEIGHBOR.NO MORE DIRT,MORE LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER. IN JESUS NAME
healing Mom .801-23-2015
i want to request prayer for my mom, she needs healing in her knees and in her body and needs strength please. i love her so much but she needs a good prayer boost.
give my mom strengthAnonymous201-23-2015
i want prayer for my mom to have strength and healing in her body, her knees and other needs.
financial needs metAnonymous501-11-2015
praying and believing for all medical bills to be paid by our health ins. co. in jesus name
healing Man ....401-06-2015
pray for man with stage 3 prostate cancer , wisdom and direction for the doctors
Please pray for Ronnie who is suffering from cancer.
good report boy .712-17-2014
doctors are running several tests on this boy , standing on Gods word for a good report
Christian BusinessAnonymous912-12-2014
Please pray for a Christian business for favor with customers, everyone is upset, pay debts, and finances to come in from north east south and west.
Healing Uncle Paul .1311-20-2014
has bladder cancer
Healing miracle Gary .1511-14-2014
for the cancer , healing and strength for him
Healing Rob .1911-05-2014
had cancer and had surgery on his thyroid and a vocal cord got damage , that his voice be restored
Healing Man .2910-14-2014
cancer , deceisions and direction and wisdom for the doctors
strength couple .2610-10-2014
going through a bump in there marriage , strength to get through this