Prayer Requests

A prayer chain is a way of sharing prayer requests with other spiritual people. By their nature, prayer chains are non-denominational. They are just a means of asking others to remember us, or the people who we care about, in their prayers. If you, or someone you know is going through a challenging time, submit a prayer request. 

When you pray for one of the requests below, be sure to click on the I prayed for you button so that we can let the requestor know how many times their request has been lifted up.
Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Peace of MindAnonymous107-22-2016
Please pray for complete removal of all hate, scheming, fear and doubt from the hearts, minds and souls of Val & Veronica; and that they shall be filled with the peace, love and understanding of Our Lord, Jesus. Thank you for all prayers received and God Bless all of you.
My dear brother has been accused...!Anonymous107-21-2016
Please for a brother and friend of mine who's been charged with a crime he did not commit. He was charged with several big crimes; they've already been disproved. However, now the police (I believe their image is at stake, too, as it's getting a lot of attention from the media) are trying to get him for a lesser crime! Even prosecutors are involved now. The situation is completely unjust. He is a celebrity -- one who's trying to commit himself to Christ (already a believer) -- and his career is on the line. It's currently sinking by the day. Please pray with us for God's mighty intervention and a total turnaround. Pray that they will drop all charges and stop pursuing him. Thank you!
success with upcoming surgery on August 19 Bob w 107-21-2016
pray for wisdom and direction for doctor as they repair and fix his ankle that it is restore better then it ever was , that the recovery go quick , he is able to study while off work , and that all there needs will be meet during the 12 weeks of recovery
healing todd t207-20-2016
Prayers needed for our Friend Todd Taylor a former bass player with the Not Brothers Band. Todd was in a motorcycle accident and he is in very bad shape
gods promise of his protectionAnonymous207-20-2016
believing on gods words for our families protection from anyone or anything that would try to cause us harm in any form spiritually,physically,mentally,financially IN JESUS NAME
wisdom and direction Rodger .407-20-2016
Pray for my son Rodger today. He had a mini stroke last night and could not speak last night.God gave him back his voice. Praise God!! Dr is seeking why he had it.
healing and strength Ray K107-19-2016
having knee replacement on Wednesday , quick recovery
to pass the test Lonnie S207-19-2016
he is taking the bar on july 26 and 27 to become a lawyer , that all he has learned is like a sponge and when he gets there to test , will be easy and pass
Please pray for my daughter, she is dating. Please pray for their relationship
Please pray for more windows in my home, and the ac to work.
strengthpray for people of Louisana 307-18-2016
to show love
starting treatment dad eugene307-18-2016
Dad, Eugene , starts treatment tomorrow. Many prayers for his heart to stay strong, and mind stay positive
God\Kiran Manda207-17-2016
Dear Beloved, Please pray for a permanent good great job and career that I can handle easily and solve all of my problems with god\\\'s intervene, grace and protection for me and my beloved well wishers and our things forever permanently at all times. Yours loving brother, Kiran.
Future Husband PrayerNatalie G207-16-2016
Please pray for me and my future husband. I don\'t know who this man is but I

know God does. I pray for this man everyday because I know he needs the

prayers. I don\'t know if he is praying for me his future wife but I hope

that he is. I am 26 and never been in a relationship before. I never had my

first kiss or been on a date before. I am tired of waiting. It is just so

hard being single when I desire marriage. I desire to be a wife and a mom.

Only if it is God\'s will for me to get married and have a baby. Pray for

patience in both my life and my future husband life as we wait on God to

bring us together in His perfect timing. If it is God\'s will for me to get

married I want to have my wedding at the beach. I can\'t wait for my step dad

to walk me down the aisle and to have my father daughter dance with him.

Can\'t wait to be a bride. Can\'t wait to be a wife and a Mrs. Can\'t wait to

pick out my beautiful white wedding dress and can\'t wait to pick out my

lingerie to wear in front of my husband for our honeymoon. Can\'t wait to

finally have my first kiss and be kissed on the lips. Can\'t wait to finally

go on my first date. Can\'t wait to finally experience and know what sex

feels like and what kissing feels like. Don\'t understand why God hasn\'t let

any man kiss me before or ask me out on a date. Can\'t wait for the day that

my future husband proposes to me. Can\'t wait for my wedding night when I

finally get to have sex since I am a virgin. I hope my future husband is

also a virgin. I don\'t understand what God is doing in my life or what His

plans are for me of all of this waiting. Waiting is so difficult and a huge

struggle for me. I also don\'t understand why God blessed my younger sister

with a husband and she got to get married first before me. It says in the

Bible that he who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from

the Lord. I am afraid that no man will ever find me. No man has ever noticed

me before or asked me out on a date. I know that I am a beautiful daughter

of God and that God loves me more than any man ever could. God completes me

and I have surrendered all of my desires to God. If God doesn\'t want me to

get married and He wants me to stay single then let His will be done. It is

hard surrendering all my desires to God but I love and I trust God. God is

in control. Thanks.
covering in prayer for France 407-15-2016
pray for all the people that were killed in France
finances for WAPN and WAPB 307-15-2016
please pray for both WAPN and WAPB we have had several pieces of equipment go out at both station and we are in need of over and above finances can you please help any amount will be a blessing
prayer please from Dexter .307-14-2016
please pray for bill semple--health issues--cindy deso healing===lois Hammond peace and terry cote healing--thks
prayaers please from Dexter .307-12-2016
prayer warrior --asked for prayers for CHERYL PETERSON AND QUAIL HOLLOW IN GENERAL*
Salvation for familyBrian D307-09-2016
My family has not yet been saved. Please pray for the salvation of my Mom, Dad, brother, and two of my nieces. Their names are Mary, Roger, Dave, Ellie and Amanda. May God bless you!
prayers please Pray for Dallas 2607-08-2016
pray for Dallas , pray for everyone involved