Prayer Requests

A prayer chain is a way of sharing prayer requests with other spiritual people. By their nature, prayer chains are non-denominational. They are just a means of asking others to remember us, or the people who we care about, in their prayers. If you, or someone you know is going through a challenging time, submit a prayer request. 

When you pray for one of the requests below, be sure to click on the I prayed for you button so that we can let the requestor know how many times their request has been lifted up.
Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
healing of the heart lady .010-07-2015
strength for lady , broken heart
Praise report brian w010-07-2015
will be taking to Walter Reed hospital to start getting treatment , wisdom and direction for the doctors
healing Rob t 010-07-2015
surgery is set for a couple weeks they can remove everything bad during the surgery and not need any other treatment
strength couple .010-06-2015
praying for strength and direction on what to do
final days Man .010-06-2015
pray for a man very ill living his last days on earth , strength for his family and peace
my son my business please helpAnonymous009-30-2015
Please help with your prayers for my son find his path for career and he does well, I have been praying for this for past 5 years, please help him do well in his career.

I need your prayers for my business do well, I am end of my rope with stress, worry and don\'t know where to turn anymore, no matter how much I pray, work hard, I don\'t know what else I can do, Please help me with my business do well, I am 65 years and I cannot take this pressure. Thank you
Relationship Diana G409-29-2015
Pray that God bring Nick and I closer and a committed relationship. Pray that God help Nick not be afraid of a commitment. Pray that God remove any and all obstacles that are preventing Nick from committing to me. Pray that God guide him back to me healed and whole.
I would like to request for prayer and wisdom. I am facing so many giants and family hurting me. I have enemies all around me and I have forgiven them, I just need wisdom to know how to deal with them. They are being controlled by greed and have no spirit of conviction or wrong doing.
repairs completed lady .1009-14-2015
pray for a lady that has had work done on her house , and still not complete right that it will be finished and done right
wisdom and gods protectionAnonymous609-09-2015
believing god to reveal to me and then conquer any enemies that would try to cause me and my family harm in anyway either spiritually,physically,financually,or mentally IN JESUS NAME GIVE US YOUR WISDOM AS WELL AS YOUR PROTECTION
healing and deliveranceAnonymous609-09-2015
Can you pray for healing and deliverance, thank you.
Please pray for a marriage husband always wanting a divorce.
strengthmike .1607-29-2015
as he starts rounds of chemo , for his body to fight
strebgthen lady . 1207-29-2015
for my knee strength , no more discomfort
Pray for WAPN all the lighting damage and finances to come in