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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Pray for WAPN all the lighting damage and finances to come in
Pam jobAnonymous007-03-2015
Pray for Pam and job situation
Pray for Mike found more cancer to hear from god on what steps to do next
Pray for Hollie for wisdom and direction for the doctors and to find out what is going on with left arm
Heart attackAnonymous007-03-2015
Pray for Bud had a heart attack last week to mind the doctors ad take his meds
Prayer to restore relationship and see my dream come trueAnonymous007-02-2015

Hello I have loved a man for 23 years but we always have bad timing so we never had had a real chance at being together. Our timing has always been off & just when it looks like we have a chance, another woman enters the picture & I am worried he won\\\\\\\'t see the blessing of me and open his heart to me. I love him deeply. I don\\\\\\\'t care about material things, I care about him and having a life with him. It seems I am there for so many others and I pray for the happiness of others but my dreams never happen. I am always adjusting my dreams or walking away because they never happen. I am broken, depressed, hurt. I still try and hold on to faith that it will happen but every day is worse than the next. It\\\\\\\'s hard to see through to tomorrow. It would be nice to for once in my life see my dreams happen. I want to have a chance with the man I love. I pray for God\\\\\\\'s favor. Having a hard time holding on. I see what people mean when they say they are in such despair that it hurts to think about tomorrow. Please pray that Trae and G will have their chance and soon. Please pray the he opens his heart to me and remembers why I am important to him. My heart is hurting so very badly. If I continue to never see my dreams happen, I don\\\\\\\'t know what I will do. It\\\\\\\'s so very hard. This is important to me for so many reasons. My life has been so hard and yet, I have always tried to be a good person and been there for others but now I need to have some happiness for me. I am asking for Favor from God that my dream won\\\\\\\'t continue to be delayed and that it will happen. I know everyone has something going on in their lives and my life is no more important than anyone else\\\\\\\'s but if you have time, I would appreciate a prayer for my relationship and that God will restore it and make it better and give me a chance with this man and that he finally see the blessing of me and what we are to each other. I pray for all of you as well. I am so sad that prayers will help. Pastor says to tell yourself this is your Due Season and to live a life of expectancy and know God wants to see my dreams come true. I understand this but it never happens. This life continues to see me unhappy and I don\\\\\\\'t know how much more I can take. Please pray
Please pray that my dad keeps his jobAnonymous206-30-2015
Please pray for my family. My dad has been chronically unemployed for the better part of the past four years. He works in sales and can never make a sale. He has been working at the current company for 8 months or so and hasn't made a sale. I am very worried and panic stricken that he will be fired again. I have had the fear of being homeless for so long that I pray that he will be able to keep this job. Thank you and God bless
God heal crystal Anonymous206-29-2015
provide healing for the anger in her,ptsd,a job a lawyer an favor with the judge at the end of July
Need a miracleAnonymous206-26-2015
In desperation I took money from work. Ive now lost my job of 25 years.I was wrong to do this, being desperate is no excuse. IM so sorry, I cant eat , I can only sleep if I take aleive PM I'll do my best to pay restitution , this is my request and I beg you from the bottom of my heart....please pray that I don't get arrested and they do this out of court and let me pay restitution....this will actually take a miracle....PLEASE PRAY FOR ME THAT I DONT GO TO JAIL!!!! I take care of my elderly mom before and after work, and this would kill her, I beg and plead to you....PLEASE pray that I don't go to jail or get a record, I am so very sorry or what ive done. !! Thank you.