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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Healing and WisdomAnonymous108-28-2014
please pray for supernatural healing for Ray and wisdom for us both to know what to do next
open my neighbors heart and eyes renew their thinkingAnonymous508-26-2014
the more dirt my neighbor puts on his side of the fence where there is no need to the more flooding my yard gets! HE knows that this is causing a problem for us and has stated that nobody can tell him what to do,I simply explained that perhaps he did not realize that he was flooding me out,he says nobody can tell him what to do on his property. everyone pray for my neighbors to be kind and caring,IN JESUS NAME WE PRAY
Prayer for Ministry in Venango County, PA, Sunday August 31, WedJune Wood408-26-2014
Pray that freedom of utterance is given to me to speak boldly as the oracles of God, that signs and wonders will follow the Word that is preached. Bind anything that would try to hinder the move of the Holy Spirit in these meetings. Praying also for financial increase upon all who come to receive and also the monies to cover my entire trip. I believe the Holy Spirit is speaking to men and women to give to my ministry, in Jesus name.
Piece and HealingAnonymous208-23-2014
Please pray for Joedall Russell who is a nursing assistant, who works in home care. Medicine is missing..please pray that God reveals about this medicine. Please pray for piece and hedge of protection and that God puts piece on this job. Thank you for your prayers.
The Joslyn Family needs a breakthrough!Pastor Jim408-20-2014
DeeLee has had heart issues, broken shoulder, and some mystery sickness all this week, while her husband is in constant back and side pain. They need healing, deliverance, and provision right now. Please pray for my friends and thank you for the agreement!
Please pray my wife moved out and got a divorce which is something I never wanted. I pray we can have reconciliation. I love the woman with all my heart
need a miraclerayona canty508-16-2014
my daughter crystal has been fighting to keep her children. She is a good mom she had a lawyer that her husband has paid a lot of money to for her in a costody battle. now that she is not with her husband an been making payment to lawyer court is in a coup;e week laywer backs out say she needs more money. now there is no more money no lawyer for court. her children are being so hurt by all this.Kids cry all the time they dont want to go to daddy's we tell them they have to it is court orderd.They are so little i pray that the judge would change the children to seeing their dad everyother weekend an wed. until kids are older. an that he would be made to pay child support that he has never paid.He has paid lots of money to lawyers but nothing for his kids.i pray for his salvation (alex) an his girlfriends Jessie. God to protect Maddison 6 an miles 4
Healing Kayla 19years ols 808-13-2014
was in remission from lyphomia in hospital right now with high fever and wants to go back to college in 2 weeks pray for healing and her health
heal our bodiesAnonymous408-12-2014
praying and believing for our medical issues to be healed, strengthen and keep husbands heart healthy and wife cancer free,IN JESUS NAME all diseases healed
love thy neighborAnonymous708-03-2014
praying and believing for our neighborhood to be a help to one another,both in kindness and deed to be united in Christ , in love thy neighbor
husband has liver cancer heal him lordAnonymous607-31-2014
pray for Ron
healing Tim V707-29-2014
please keep Tim in prayer as he is recovering for his broken fermur and strength for his body , wisdom and direction as we are getting tests done THANK YOU everyone for all the texts , calls and messages
protection and favorAnonymous807-24-2014
praying and believing god for his word for protection and favor as well as healing for myself and my family from anyone or anything that would TRY to come against us to cause harm,let your light shine through us,IN THE NAME OF JESUS WE THANK YOU AND PRAISE YOUR HOLY NAME,
Please pray for a co-workers husband was I'm a bad accident, has minimal brain function, in ICU for a month, will be sent to a nursing home, they have a 7 month old
prayer please Chris and kids 907-17-2014
My friends name is Chris He has been a friend of ours since we were kids he is a single Dad of 2 girls and a boy. Lives at my house so he can keep his kids with him . He went through a bad marriage lost his house lost his job than he moved in to a house left to him and his sister when his mom passed away. Well marriage got worse the wife was arrested for abusing him in front of the kids. Instead of hitting her back or grabbing her he called the police. This abuse from the wife happened along time than it got to where she would do it in front of the kids. He had enough. She got out of jail and convenient him that she would change. Well she never did. So he ended the marriage. Than his sister wanted the house that was left to them so he was forced to move. So with no job and health issues he was trying to get disability was denied then his insurance was taken away . shannon ask him to come stay with us until he gets back on his feet. Well in 3 years he has gotten his As degree and now now working on his Bs degree in education for children with special needs. Well with his school and side jobs this money is how he pays for what ever the kids and his self needs. Well he was told he could not get this money this semester. So now he has no income no way to get his kids stuff for school and he can't pay to go finish his classes. One or two semesters he will be able to get a job at a school. He has been through so much. We usually help him and he pays us back but we can't this time because his classes cost a lot and our financial situation is not the best there is 8 kids that needs school supplies and clothing for school. Just please pray for him and his kids. Even though he has not much to offer my family to help out with bills he helps with the kids helps keep the house clean and cooks. That is a big heart that is how he pays his way and helps out with food also. Please pray for him and his kids
Finances WAPN 91.5FM 1508 State AVe Holly Hill FLORIDA 321171007-11-2014
we had 2 major parts go out in our transmitter , we need over an above finances we are in need of $9150.00 can you help , or would you like to donate your car, motorcycle , house , motorhome to help the ministry